Friday, November 5, 2010

One More!

Hotel SO
$99 NZD (approx $75)/night
Christchurch, New Zealand

What better way to treat yourself after being towed back into town in your death van than to splurge on a fancy hotel?  Especially when it's someone else's money you're splurging with.
Escape gave us a budget of $100 to book a room for the night. Luckily, the ultra hip and super modern place we had our eye on had a room just a buck shy of our limit! The teeniest, tiniest, and perhaps coolest room you have ever seen.

Their concept is simple. Really nice places at affordable prices. In order to achieve that, they make an incredible use of space (like I have never seen before), they skip the unecessary extras (like bellboys and room service), and they pimp each room out with some really simple but special touches.

Your choice of various color mood lighting in the space-age pod of a bathroom.

Various relaxing themed channels to cozy up to.

And some crazy sun-light scientific wake-up system that's bound to make you feel like an eccentric millionnaire.

After some slumber in the ultra plush bed and a breakfast of eggs benedict and a chai latte, we were good to go!

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