Sunday, January 23, 2011


It's no walk in Retiro Park. Stress, culture shock, more stress, denial. Reece and I have had more arguments in a month of being back than we did in our entire year of travels. I can't lie. Being home has been hard. Not being able to run around freely on our own schedule. Worrying about finding work again. Dealing with the hassles of re-entry to society. It's grating on our nerves and it's testing our patience and it's making Reece really, really cranky. Yes darling, you.

Of course, I haven't been back to work yet, so I may be having a slightly easier time with things. I'm sure once I return to the land of cubicles, I'll have my very own meltdown. Till then, I'll be on my netbook watching the videos from our trip. Again.

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