Thursday, March 19, 2015

Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam

Ho Chi Minh City, previously known as (and what I still like to call) Saigon, came as a real surprise to us. We expected a chaotic, dirty, overcrowded Asian mega-city. What we found was a remarkably pleasant and livable place. Yes it's hot. And incredibly crowded. But it's also very metropolitan. You are spoiled for choice of hip restaurants and delicious street eats. The main tourist drag is bustling day and night. It boasts a fascinating mix of historical interest and modern innovation. Rooftop happy hours offer no shortage of incredible views across the colorful skyline. And once the subway is completed, it will be super easy to get around. Like many places in Vietnam, we ended up staying here several days longer than we had planned.

We hear people debating the preference of Hanoi versus HCMC, and for us it was no contest. Saigon, hands down.

For photos of the fun times we had there, click HERE.

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  1. Great photographs...I love the colors, the food, the looks like a vibrant fascinating city. Would visiting Viet Nam now bring guilt over the Viet Nam war to the forefront in those Americans who, like me, were old enough during that war to feel responsibility, no matter how much we tried to stop the war? It is amazing that the Vietnamese have been so forgiving.