Tuesday, July 29, 2014

Mexico City, Mexico

Mexico City came as a huge surprise. I was expecting dirty, crowded, chaotic. I braced myself for the unpleasant, the unsafe, and the overwhelming. I booked us there for four nights, only because I thought we'd need some recovery time after the whirlwind that was packing up our lives and departing LA. But I never for a minute thought we'd actually want to stick around.

Boy, was I wrong. Mexico City is amazing. A major metropolitan city full of hip bars and restaurants, shady sidewalk cafes, art galleries, museums, parks and plazas. It boasts amazing food, efficient public transportation, an endless array of things to do and amazingly friendly, helpful people. The language barrier was way bigger than I had anticipated, providing us with the fun challenge of brushing up on our Spanish. And we're doing pretty well if I do say so myself J

We decided to extend our stay to six nights, and squeezed an incredible amount of fun into just under a week. For photos of Mexico City (and nearby Teotihuacán), click HERE.

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