Friday, July 25, 2014

48 Hours in Mexico

And we've already…
- Fallen in love with the street food. Seriously.
- Drank local craft beer, on swings.
- Sipped lattes at a sidewalk café in the pouring rain.
- Had a dinner date with local expats.
- Strolled through parks and parks and more parks.
- Mastered the art of the metro during rush hour.
- Stumbled upon a friend of a friend's letterpress studio.
- Enjoyed the best margaritas we’ve EVER had.
- Were shocked and horrified at the Torture Museum.
- Picked out the neighborhood we would live in, if we lived here.
- Sampled Mezcal with our new Aussie friends.
- Screamed with the crowd in a Mexican wrestling match.
- Consumed far too much tequila.
- Watched a 70’s disco dance-off.

I leave you with this. You're welcome.

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