Sunday, September 21, 2014

Antigua, Guatemala

It's been a while since we were in Antigua, but there are a few things about it we’ll never forget…

The narrow cobblestone streets and beautiful colonial scenery. Sampling a little too much local mezcal in a not-so-secret tasting room. Getting a panoramic view of the city from under a gigantic wooden cross. Playground fun and a fried chicken dinner date with our favorite local kids. Dancing till we dropped in the packed nightclubs, air thick with sweat and sparkler smoke. Painting our faces for the Independence Day celebrations. Watching a volcano erupt while sipping 50 cent tequila on a rooftop terrace. Some serious hammock time and an open mic at the earth lodge above town. Departing, with heavy hearts, for Honduras.

Guatemala was such an unexpected treat, one that greeted us with opens arms. We loved every moment we spent, every person we met, and would recommend it highly to anyone.

For photos of our Antigua experience, click HERE.

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