Thursday, December 11, 2014


If you’ve ever seen a movie set in Africa, Asia, India or the Middle East, there is a good chance at least part of it was shot at Atlas Studios. The biggest studio in the world, it was a fun little stopover for two folks who work in production.

Seeing all of the crumbled, decaying old movie sets out in the middle of the Moroccan desert was a bit of a surreal experience. Egyptian relics made of Styrofoam. Paint chipped hieroglyphics adorned with years of pigeon poop. Grand, ornate and hollow doors inviting you into age-old ruins that are, literally, nothing but a façade. 

We harassed them endlessly about gaining access to the areas where Game of Thrones was recently shot, but the exact location is was unclear. We may or may not have done some trespassing to find it. You'll never know.

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