Saturday, December 13, 2014


You hear that phrase a lot here. Loosely translated: God willing. But not the kind of “God willing” we say at home, with a tinge of “I doubt it” or “Good luck” rolled in. Here, it’s sincere. If Allah wills it, it shall be. Our fate, truly, is in God’s hands.

Ask if dinner will be served on the rooftop terrace. Insha’Allah. If the bus is running to Marrakesh this week. Insha’Allah. Heck, even a "See you in the morning” is answered with an Insha’Allah.

I’ve learned that Muslims believe everything is maktub, or “written”, so whatever you wish will only come to fruition if it’s within God’s plan. Using the phrase acknowledges submission to a higher power, and a desire to achieve only what is intended for the greater good.

I find it to be a really nice sentiment. A daily reminder that our future doesn’t lie in each small decision we make. An affirmation there is something bigger than ourselves looking after us, always. A continuous commitment to follow where our instincts lead and trust in the universe, without hesitation.
So many of the notions we must always remind ourselves, especially while traveling. And I hope to take a little more of it away with me from Morocco. 


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