Friday, January 22, 2016

Rain Rain, Here to Stay?

Traveling is often sunshine and kittens and rainbows. Other times, it’s torrential downpours and dangerously close lightening strikes and thunder so loud you have to plug your ears to protect them from the deafening outbursts. Sometimes a particularly aggressive El Niño brings in unseasonably heavy and constant rains, and your days are spent playing cards and wondering if you should brave the storm or wait it out.

The Travel Gods have looked out for us, and kept the skies clear when it mattered most. Our horseback ride was perfect. Our walking tour of Havana, just grand. Our beach bar hopping day in Tulum, magnificent. But today, we hunker down in our bamboo hut on a tobacco farm in Viñales, and try to count how many dry days we’ve had since we left California nearly two weeks ago.

We keep reminding one another how much more upsetting it would be if this was our annual vacation. Waiting for the clouds to pass, so we can enjoy ourselves before heading back to work for the next 50 weeks. Which makes us so deeply grateful for the opportunity to freelance. For the ability to travel at a leisurely pace in between jobs. For the luxury of listening the storm’s symphony outside, with nowhere to be until, well, whenever.

However right now, we’d be even more grateful for some sunshine!

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