Tuesday, August 12, 2014

Paradise Found

Finally! Three weeks on the road, and today we found PARADISE.

What? It doesn’t look like much? “It’s just a grocery store,” you say??

Clearly, you’ve never experienced a summer on the Oaxacan coast. It is HOT here. Face-meltingly hot. A combination of humidity and blazing sunshine like I’ve never experienced in my life. The air is heavy with it. And all you can do between the hours of about 11am and 4pm is lay in front of a fan, lethargic under the weight of it. Or in a hammock, in the shade, fanning yourself with the book you’re reading and holding an ice cold cerveca to your forehead. MAYBE taking a quick dip in the ocean before hustling back to your lounge chair. But don’t even think about hanging around in the sun. And don't say I didn’t warn you.

One time, I literally crawled halfway inside an ice machine in front of a liquor store while Reece stood by trying to hail us a taxi. Not even joking.

Air conditioning? What’s that?? Next you’re going to ask if they take credit cards. You’re in a tiny beach town on the southern coast of Mexico for Christ’s sake. Off the grid, amigo.

Sometimes, unfortunately, onward travel requires us to not only walk around in this damp oven, but to do so carrying 30 pound backpacks. Today, after buying our bus tickets in town, a mirage glimmered from across the road in the midday swelter. Is it real? Do my eyes deceive me? A small, air-conditioned market. So cold, there was frost forming on the automatic sliding doors.

The cashier thought I was absolutely nuts, planting myself in front of one of the three (THREE!!) blasting AC units with a big grin on my face, not shopping for anything. Clearly, he's never seen a gringo crawl inside an ice machine before.

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