Friday, August 15, 2014

Sometimes, you just want to eat fresh.

We caved. Three weeks in, and we succumbed to our first American chain craving. And, shockingly, it wasn't McDonald's!

Subway is actually a heck of a lot more common in these parts than the golden arches. I read somewhere that it was the fastest growing fast food franchise, and I've definitely seen evidence of that around the world.

I'm surprised to say that we haven't tired of Mexican food yet. But sometimes, you just want to look at a menu and know what you're getting. Sometimes, you just want processed meat and pre-sliced veggies wrapped in soft, maybe-filled-with-yoga-mat-chemicals bread. 

We shared a 15cm (duh, they wouldn't know what a footlong is here) Philly Cheesesteak (aptly named the Carne y Queso). It was probably the most expensive meal we've had since we left home. But it was worth every peso.

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