Monday, October 25, 2010

Bottoms up!

You know a bar is full of trannies when the toilet seats in the women's restroom are all up.

The Orchard Towers. Ideally located on Singapore's most elite shopping strip by day. And home to the infamous "four floors of whores" at night. We met a nice business fellow in a nearby Irish pub, who generously offered to give us a little tour of the area. You may have wondered what could be stranger than a country line dancing bar in Singapore where all of the staff are donning cowboy hats. The answer is, a country line dancing bar in Singapore full of old white men and about a hundred of the prettiest tranny prostitutes you have ever seen. Seriously, these "girls" are good. I have a pretty keen eye, and even I couldn't tell who was smuggling a penis in this place.

The drinks were strong, the dancing was rowdy, and the people watching was absolutely fascinating. Within a half hour, our host inexplicably had to run. Apparently he had an early morning or something.

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