Thursday, October 28, 2010

Geeking Out

We've been pretty isolated from any new technology this year. You just don't see many iPads cruising around India or Africa. Singapore, however, is a technophile's haven. In fact, it's a haven for any kind of shopping you may (or may not) want to do. I've determined that this whole country is built around ways for you to spend your money. No more apparent than the chock full 'o malls city center. Walk out of a subway station - You're in a mall. Step into a public restroom - Step out into a mall. Ask for directions - It'll lead you through a mall. No joke, this country is one big shopping center.

While it tends to be a bit much, it was super awesome checking out the latest in television innovation at one of Singapore's many electronics superstores. Giant paper thin flat screens? Awesome! 3D TVs?? NO WAY!!!!

The look on Reece's face = Priceless.

Love at first sight.

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