Saturday, October 23, 2010

Pop Quiz

Please identify the following:

A) A modern mega-mall
B) A subway station

A) A fine dining restaurant
B) A mall food court

A) A posh hotel restroom
B) A typical public toilet

Answer: They are all B!

Man, Singapore is fancy. We are hard pressed to find anything here that isn't shiny, new, clean or sparkly. Coming from India, it's the kinda thing that makes you wanna drop to your knees and kiss the ground you walk on. And you could, without getting hepatitis! Funny enough, it's probably the most extreme culture shock we have experienced on this trip.

It's a real shock to the wallet too. We're paying almost $50 a night to share a dorm room with 13 people. A pitcher of beer? The same price. FIFTY DOLLARS!! It's enough to bring a tear to my eye.

What's especially offensive is seeing Indian food for a fortune. We were JUST THERE! We KNOW how much it should cost! Over the past two months, we have never paid more than $2 for a Thali. Here, they want $20. Amazing.

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