Sunday, October 19, 2014


Our time in LA was a whirlwind of our favorite friends, family time, Venice sunsets, financial advisor meetings, shopping, planning, un-packing, packing, my grandparents visiting, Malibu seafood, REI, digging through storage, catching up with old coworkers, mom’s cooking, boardwalk beers, nachos, hair appointments, hookah, couch-crashing, pumpkin patch-ing, computer updating, Trader Joes, wine & cheese, my nephew’s classroom, calimoxtos, hanging in my hometown, and losing our Central American tans despite our best efforts to keep them.

It was odd to be home without a home. Living out of a rental car. Having a party to celebrate being back or leaving again or both. We’re a little caught in between two worlds and the whole thing felt kind of like a dream. It was really good to see everyone we love and sort of hit the re-set button. But it also feels good to be back on the road now, doing what I think we do best. It’ll be interesting to see where, when (and if?) we settle again when all of this is done. But for now, traveling feels like home.

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