Friday, October 31, 2014

Pintxo Pote: Spanish for “my culinary dream come true”

2 Euros
1 glass of wine
1 pintxo (Basque tapas)

Yes. You read that right. Every Thursday night, a collection of local bars in San Sebastian take part in “Pintxo Pote”, a promotion where they offer a glass of wine and a tapa(s?) of your choice for 2 measly Euros. Delicious pours of local Rioja or crisp Rosé. Delectable small plates of patatas bravas or paella or saucy meatballs or tortilla española or crab crostinis or croquettes or jamon y queso. Bands playing in the street. Outdoor tables lining the sidewalks. Locals meandering from bar to bar until the wee hours. Leave the house with 10 bucks in your pocket - come home full and drunk. And that’s exactly what we did.

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