Monday, October 6, 2014

Tela, Honduras

There was something I really liked about Tela. It’s a little grimy. Incredibly run-down. Somewhat sketchy. And not a lot going on. But, as opposed to most of the places we visited in Honduras, Tela felt real. An actual Honduran town filled with actual Honduran people enjoying the beach, families on vacation, locals selling sliced fruit on the street and coconut bread (which, oddly, didn’t taste anything like coconuts). It didn’t strike us as a beachfront built around foreign tourism, with visitors being brought in by the bus (or ferry) load. Reece and I were the only two gringos for miles. And while it was definitely more shabby than chic, I was glad we took the time to visit.

For a tiny album of our few short days in Tela, click HERE.

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