Thursday, February 19, 2015

Almost Locals

It's amazing how much knowing just a few local spots makes you feel at home. Reece and I showed up in Nha Trang not knowing what to expect, having heard mixed things and anticipating that it wouldn't be our cup of tea. The only thing that brought us here, really, was the pending Tet holiday that makes travel incredibly difficult and renders most bars/restaurants/banks/shops closed for a week or more. We figured Nha Trang is touristy enough to have some facilities open, and is on a beach to keep us occupied when all else fails.

We were right, but, more importantly, we were lucky. During our first breakfast here, we struck up a conversation with some local expats who made it their mission to show us around. The rooftop cafe with the best sunset views. The little-known hotel infinity pool that welcomes non-guests to lounge the day away. The lady who gives the best massages, at a steal of $6. The wine bar boasting an incredible cellar, that will allow you to purchase anything you want by the glass. The best spot for pizza, for coffee, for a mud bath, for live music.

Within an hour of cruising around town with these guys, Nha Trang transformed from a place where we were just killing time, to a place we think we'll stay a while. Since we already have some new friends to hang out with.

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