Saturday, February 28, 2015

Swingin' 60's

Fun fact. Most of the expats we've been hanging out with in Nha Trang are over 60. And it's the most rip-roarin' collection of seniors we've ever met in our entire lives. They spend their time partying on booze cruises, playing blues harmonica at the local wine bar, doing frat-style hazing in their running/drinking club ("a drinking club with a running problem"). Dating Vietnamese girls younger than me (but that's a whole 'nother story). Bottom line is, these guys (and gals) have got life by the balls.

It seems that in our generation, with folks living longer than ever and social security not quite cutting the mustard, retirement doesn't promise the golden years it once did. Add to that our lifestyle choices and the debate over whether we'll ever have kids, and retirement can be a pretty scary notion. Will we save enough money to get by? Will we be bored? Lonely? Isolated?

Now we see, there's another possible side to that story. Retire in a developing country where less than a grand per month could support your fully furnished home, a personal cook, maid, and your imported wine-drinking habit. Add to that beautiful beaches, perfect weather, amazing food and endless fellow expats, and I could be sold!

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