Saturday, May 22, 2010


Based on your input (thanks!), I've decided to keep posting about the places we stay. But only in detail if it's interesting, and lumped together into fewer posts.

Maputo Backpackers
Maputo, Mozambique
2,200 Mets (approx $68)/night - split 5 ways

Nothing interesting here. Moving on.

Fatima's Nest
Tofo, Mozambique
950 Mets (approx $29)/night

This is the kind of place that most people would absolutely love. Mentioned briefly in a pervious post, the whole property (and town for that matter) was sand. Sand floor huts. Sand restaurant and bar. Sand reception. Sand bathrooms. Those who know me well, know I hate sand. Weird, I know. I would take a nice clean swimming pool over the beach any day.

So, it was really nice for a bit, and the location could not be beat. But when we both got sick and ended up stuck here for eight days, I started to go a little batty. Reece said, "If this place was in Hawaii, people would pay hundreds of dollars a night to stay here!" I argued, "If this place was in Hawaii, there would be concrete paths connecting everything, and a basin of water outside of your hut to rinse off your feet."

Zombie Cucumber
Vilankulo, Mozambique
980 Mets (approx $30)/night

This was way more my scene. Concrete floors in the huts and common areas. Grass. A sparkling swimming pool. Directly across the street from a beach we didn't even go to. And a French woman running the place who cooked AMAZING meals every night.

Pink Papaya
Chimoio, Mozambique
400 Mets (approx $12)/night in a dorm

A one night stopover en-route to Malawi. Again, nothing special here. Except that the detergent they wash their sheets in may have almost killed me. Details to come.

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