Sunday, May 2, 2010

Has being on the road for four months gotten to us? Has not working made us a little strange? Has living out of a sack started to drive us kinda crazy?



  1. oh don't pretend like you weren't weird before your trip

  2. I love reading the blog! And I love hearing about all the hostels/apartments/lodging. Don't stop! I love the pictures too.


  3. Yay! Video! Somehow it's better proof than pictures that you two are still alive, and still total wackos. OK, well at least Reece is a wacko, and Sabrina, you seem to be handling this nicely.

    And Miss Shamma: do not stop documenting your accommodations & adventures (or just lazy days) under any circumstances! Your friends may not be writing and commenting like they used to, since "Reece and Sabrina doing something kickass in some random country I wish I could go to" has been the new "normal" for quite some time now. We are a short-attention-span culture, after all; perhaps you could consider flying home for a day and posting something boring and mundane like the rest of us, like "omg did you see that episode of (insert inane TV crap here)? it was so (insert adjective here)!" OK, on second thought, don't do that. Just keep writing whatever it is your days are filled with. You will be mildly disappointed years from now if parts of your Epic Trip -- places that you may never see again, I'll remind you! -- fade into blurriness because you were too bored to document them, or you thought nobody cared. Also, here's a thought: are you writing this blog so the people who know & love you back home will know what you're up to? Yes, sure... but also, mostly even, you're writing for yourself. And not you now, today, but you years from now. Decades from now. As an old woman, telling Reece to hurry the fuck up with your chicken soup while you leaf through your binder of printed-out emails from way back when (i.e. today). Don't let Future You down, Sabrina! You will even be interested to see the progression if boredom and "yearning-for-home (kind of)" start to set in. Keep writing. No matter what.

    Love you, miss you, still amused and entertained,

    Mike :-)

    P.S. Mike Maier's bachelor party is this weekend in Portland. Golf. Poker. Boobs.