Friday, May 14, 2010


We have found a little slice of heaven in Tofo, Mozambique. We're staying in a very basic, sand floor bamboo hut right on the beach, and fall asleep to the waves lapping on the shore every night. The whole town in sand in fact, so no need to ever wear shoes. Everything here is (finally) incredibly cheap, so we've taken a hiatus from boiling pasta and are eating every delicious meal out. The seafood here is meant to be some of the best in the world, and a lobster will set you back about 7 bucks. My personal favorite, a giant plate of beef or chicken curry with coconut rice, carves $2.50 out of our budget every afternoon. Top it off with a giant ice cold bottle of 2M, the local bear, for another dollar.

Last night there was an incredible thunder storm, and the entire town experienced a power outage. Beachside bars became illuminated with candle-light, while we sat outside and watched the sky light up with magnificent white flashes. When the clouds finally burst, we ran down the beach and swam in the warm Indian Ocean in the pouring rain.

Our agenda in Tofo includes whaleshark diving, sailing, catching a sunrise over the ocean from the comfort of our hut, and some heavy reading and suntanning on the silky white sand. I don't see us mustering up the motivation to leave here anytime soon.

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