Monday, May 10, 2010

Traveling in a small group has had many effects on our lifestyle. Along with Kirstie and Hannah, a guy by the name of Fraser has joined us, so we're now rolling in a crew of five. It makes shared expenses more affordable, and bus travel more difficult. Above all, it makes us feel like we are in college all over again.

It helps that most of the places we're visiting lately are beach towns with not much in the way of "sight-seeing". So, we cook a lot of pasta, we play a lot of drinking games, and we bum around on the beach a lot. We talk about our families and where we are from, we ponder the most difficult of "would you rather" queries, and we go out dancing. We sleep in dorm rooms, battle over internet use, share boxes of wine and jars of peanut butter. And it appears our travel plans overlap for a few countries to come, so we anticipate a few more eventful semesters.

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