Wednesday, November 26, 2014

Change of Plans

We weren’t originally planning to leave Europe on this trip. We figured we’d divide the two months that fell between Meghan’s wedding (in England) and Christmas (in Florida) fairly evenly amongst Spain and Portugal. But a funny thing happened to us in Spain.

We got tired of it.

I know. Even the notion of this is blasphemous. Tired of Spain? What?? I feel like a horrible human being even writing that statement. But we’d pretty much had all of the food and booze and late nights and sleeping in and wandering around not actually doing anything that we could handle. I must sound like a crazy person. It was so flipping beautiful. So much fun. So delicious. But we felt like spoiled, indulgent jerks sleeping until noon, spending two hours over our morning (afternoon?) coffee, strolling around all day taking photos, sipping wine, and eating more tapas than any two people ever need to consume. And my pants would have to agree.

We’re used to roughing it a bit when we travel. Shlepping our bags around humid, third world countries. Living for mere pennies on the dollar. Seeing sights we could only imagine and encountering cultures that change our perspective on our own. We don’t feel guilty going months without work when we’re out experiencing such strange and unique and foreign places, collecting a lifetime’s worth of crazy stories, forming friendships with fellow vagabonds from around the globe, all while spending a fraction of what we would at home. When prices start to rise and life starts to feel like one long spring break, it comes time for us to re-evaluate.

So, re-evaluate we did. After five glorious, unforgettable weeks in Spain, we decided it’s time to step a little out of our comfort zone and check off a place that’s been on our bucket list for years.


It promises unseen landscapes and an unknown culture. Confusion and frustration and magic and mystery. Some outdoor adventures, some physical and mental exercise, some personal challenges and shared growth. The type of travel that together, I think we do best.

I can’t reiterate enough how amazing Spain has been to us. The decision is by no means an indication that it wasn’t everything we hoped for and then some. I can think of few places in the world better suited for a vacation. When you have just a few weeks and want to unwind and indulge in some of the best this life has to offer, before going back to the daily grind. But I think the things we seek are a little different when we’re, well, traveling

I wouldn’t be surprised if after a few weeks navigating our way around Morocco, we’ll need a vacation. And I’ll know just the place to go.

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