Monday, November 24, 2014

Granada, Spain

Granada is that girl you’re dating that you never introduce to your parents. You first met on Calle de Elvira late one evening, and thought she was a little sleazy. Rough around the edges. Not to be trusted.

Everyone said she’s so great, but you aren’t sure how to feel. You don’t want to fall too easily. Yeah she’s mysterious. But also a little shady. Admit it, you’re intrigued by her. And with good reason.

Sure you could go out with beautiful San Sebastian. But the whole time she’s sitting across from you at dinner, you’ll be thinking about Granada. Hey, go ahead and give sophisticated Barcelona a whirl. But you’ll soon grow tired of her thinking she is too good for you. Even though she’s probably right. And you’ll probably sneak into the bathroom to see if Granada texted you.

Maybe she did, maybe she didn’t. She’s elusive that way. She’ll take you flamenco dancing in a cave. Show you views that are to too beautiful to be real. Get you high on shisha. Make you dizzy in her maze of streets. She’s a tough one to tough to figure out in the beginning. But as soon as you discover her best spots (tapas bars, that is) and dig deeper into her gypsy soul, there will be no turning back.

For photos of our one-week affair with Granada, click HERE.

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