Sunday, November 9, 2014

Salamanca Surprises

We've got a little system for booking hotels during this, the so very low season in Spain.

1) Find the place we want online.
2) Arrive, with no reservations.
3) Negotiate a price much lower than we would have gotten if we booked ahead.

Sometimes, this backfires. Like when you get to Salamanca and it's dark and you're exhausted and it takes forever to finally figure out where you can park in the city and you shlep your stuff several blocks in the cold to your hostel of choice and ring the buzzer repeatedly and nobody answers. The friendly sign on the door provides a phone number to call if you want a room, which would be quite useful if you had a phone. Guess it's so slow, they don't bother showing up if there are no advance reservations.

Sometimes, this pays off. Like when all of the above happens, and then you find yourself another hostel on the fly and it's even cheaper and more centrally located and you open your balcony doors and find this:

You've just won quite possibly the best view in all of Salamanca!

Just pondering the meaning of life from my room's terrace
in the most beautiful plaza in all of Spain.

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