Wednesday, November 5, 2014

Menú del Día

As much as we love tapas (and oh, how we love them), we’ve been craving a warm, hearty, sit-down meal lately. A stick-to-your ribs, I’m-so-full-I-want-to-go-lay-down meal. The weather has turned cold, the skies have gone gray, and we want to feast. Reece, in particular, has been on a comfort food kick and all the guy wants is soup. A steaming hot bowl and a great big spoon. No more jamón. No more queso. Somebody find this poor man some stew!

When I reserved our hotel in Santillana del Mar, I noticed a nearby restaurant on google maps and checked out their menu. It offered a hearty three-course meal, starting with several delicious sounding soups! We had to go there. 12 Euros per person is steep compared to our usual spending, but this was a special occasion.

We visited the charming restaurant and took a seat in their cozy upstairs dining room. I noticed each meal was served with “desert, bread, water or wine” and thought that was an interesting choice to be given. I suppose we should go with a glass of wine, we are celebrating after all. I quickly learned the OR only pertained to your beverage. And they don’t mess around with glasses. Wait. This can’t be right. We get a BOTTLE of wine? At no additional charge?? Suddenly our 24 Euro splurge seemed like a steal.

Our first course, Fabada Asturiana, was love at first bite. A rich traditional stew of white beans and several types of pork, which we’d go on to eat almost daily. 

Reece finally got his soup!!!

Our afternoon continued with saucy roast beef and wild mushrooms, tender braised pork cheeks, creamy rice pudding, decadent layer cake, and fits of giggles as the food coma and mid-afternoon buzz set in. 

In the weeks that followed, we'd share a menú del día just about every day. It actually shocks me that it's not meant for two people, the portions are so huge. And somehow, we're still given a whole bottle of wine every time. We're always unsure if we're expected to drink it all? Leave half? Do they refill the bottles? Recycle the unconsumed wine? We better just keep ordering 'em until we get to the bottom of it.

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