Saturday, November 8, 2014


On the fourth day of our road trip, we pulled into the first real city in what seemed like ages, though I realize now was just a few days. Where do we park?! Hooray there are PEOPLE! Look there’s a Zara!! In roughly 48 hours in Austurias' capital city of Oviedo, we… 

Started to get really into this coffee-drinking ritual.

So THIS is what all the fuss is about?!

Learned how much Spaniards love ham.

Pig on pig on pig.

Appreciated how pretty they light stuff up at night.

The stunning Iglesia de San Juan el Real

Caught a really full moon.

Cathedral of San Salvador, and, the moon.

Discovered Duffin Dagels.

What's a dagel??

And perfected the art of sitting in a plaza, sipping wine and watching people.

All. Day. Long.

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