Thursday, January 28, 2010


Ah Bolivia. The country I have so endearingly named, "The land of if it can go wrong, it will go wrong".

Try to buy a train ticket, and they'll tell you it's not running cause of a holiday. Decide to book the bus and they'll say it's not operating cause of the rain. Attempt to book a flight and three different agents will give you three different prices, then the internet will go down so you can't buy any of them. Eventually you get on the bus, and it breaks down. Turns out the train was running all along, you just weren't on it.

Everything is ten times more difficult in Bolivia, with no real rhyme or reason that we could ever understand. Our ten short days here proved to be a true test of our patience.

I hate to express such negativity about any place we visit. But when every person you meet on the train outta town shares the same sentiment, hey, don't look at me.


  1. Ok. So... Don't visit Bolivia without large sums of Alcohol...


    Got it. Thanks. :-)

  2. See, some folks would think I was suggesting not to visit Bolivia at all. Glad you've extracted the true meaning ;)