Thursday, January 28, 2010

How can you not be happy in Salta?

Perhaps it's because we're so relieved to have made it out of Bolivia. Maybe it's because we're so happy to stay in one place for more than a night. Or possibly it's because this place freaking rocks. Whatever the reason, we love Salta.

It's beautiful, it's cheap, it's fun. The wine and the steak are to die for. A stroll through the park, a gondola ride overlooking the city, a beer in the plaza at sunset. Life is good here.

We like it so much that we decided to stay as long as possible. Which means instead of leaving today and breaking up the trip to Iguazu, we are leaving tomorrow and taking a TWENTY THREE HOUR bus ride to the falls. Salud!

For photos of our favorite city so far, click HERE.

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