Saturday, January 2, 2010

I've decided I need a theme, a topic of things that I can rate all along this trip. Perhaps because Reece is gonna be doing his beer reviews. Maybe cause I'm really judgemental at heart, and delight at a standard system with which to judge things. From this point forward (or until I get bored of it), I'll be assigning a grade to each hostel/hotel/etc we patronize.

#1: Kaminu Hostel
Lima, Peru

I'm gonna give this a generous C.

Reece would be shocked and appauled to hear this, as he is ready to put a shotgun in his mouth to escape this place.

I tried so hard to convince Reece that hostels aren't the obnoxious all-night techno party he imagined. There are few things I hate more than when he is right.
- Accomodations
Nothing out of the ordinary, really. But I've stayed at some pristine hostels, and this is not one of them. Granted, this is my first hostel in South America, so I don't have much of a basis for comparison. The two twin beds in our private room are a bummer (Perhaps the norm? We shall see.) The lime green walls are, festive. What it lacks in windows, it graciously makes up for with a screened open door of sorts on the roof, a few feet from the sound system. It's like the party is right there in bed with you!
- Bathroom
Perfect, if you enjoy brushing your teeth at the reception desk.

- Location, location, location
The neighborhood could not be better. After cruising around Miraflores today (the main tourist district) we are more sure than ever, Barranco is the place to be. We're on an adorable stone walkstreet, lined with old-fashioned street lamps and leading directly to the beach. Within one block we have access to a major grocery store, the hub of bars/restaurants, the local evening market, and a gorgeous little look-out point. It's peaceful and quaint and we're really starting to feel at home here.
- Friendly
The owner, Pierre, is nice as can be. And his dog was my best friend on New Years.
- Hot water
Is scalding and plentiful. I hear that is very hard to come by.
- Free WiFi
Accesible from anywhere on the property, including the rooftop deck. Without that, I'd be holed up in a lime green room right now.

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