Monday, January 11, 2010

Hostel #2

Piccola Locanda
Cusco, Peru
100 Soles (approx $35)/night

Yay! You get an A(minus)! Come on, I can't go giving out perfect scores right at the start of our trip.

This place was a real joy, especially after the last hostel. Quiet, calm and serene. Impeccably clean. Free WiFi (that's not supposed to work in the rooms, but we got lucky). Very nice staff. Beautiful view of the plaza. Free breakfast till 11am. Eleven am!

Things that weren't absolutely perfect, if I HAD to be nitpicky...

It's a three or four block walk up a steep hill and stairs from the main plaza. A bigger deal than normal in such high altitude. But it is after all what affords us the view.

No heat + wood floors = DAMN COLD. But there are about 9 blankets on the bed, so it makes for a good night's sleep.

Um... Oh yeah, we didn't have a private bathroom like I thought we would. That option was slightly out of our budget. But the shared facility was very close to our room.

Thanks for the recommendation!

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