Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Isla del Sol

Lonely Planet warned us that a half day tour of the Bolivian islands in Lake Titicaca would hardly be worth our while. But when we woke up to pouring rain, we decided a full day tour wasn't in the cards. Okay, truth be told, I just wanted to sleep in and was pleased to have an excuse to do so.

Later that day when the skies cleared, we bought a ticket for the afternoon tour. $2.14 each. What a steal. (Have I mentioned how CHEAP Bolivia is?? It's awesome.)

What they neglected to tell us, is that our ticket was for the boat ride only. A tour would cost an additional $2.85 upon arrival. Okay, no biggie.

What they also neglected to tell us, is that we only had 30 minutes on the island before we had to catch the last boat back to the mainland. So, clearly not enough time to even DO a tour. Um, alright.

And what they couldn't possibly have told us, is that the boat ride alone was WELL worth our while. In fact, it may have been the most perfect afternoon we have had yet.

For more photos of our day on Lake Titicaca, click HERE.

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