Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Hotel #4

Hotel Mirador
Copacabana, Bolivia
120 Bolivianos (approx $17)/night

On the plus side: It was available when we needed it most. Room was spacious and fairly clean and had a great view of the lakefront. Included a buffet breakfast, which we unfortunately slept through ever morning. Quiet. And had a private bathroom, yay!

On the down side: Freezing. Places aren't really big on that whole "heat" thing here. I electrocuted myself turning on the shower, but that's pretty normal here too. Oh yeah, and internet in the vicinity would have been sweet. But I beleive there is one dial-up connection being shared by the entire town, so that would clearly be asking too much.

Oh, and how could I forget. They had the prettiest toilet paper I've ever seen.

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