Sunday, December 5, 2010


Funny thing about Wellington. It's A LOT like San Francisco. Like, crazy similar. And I LOVE San Francisco. But, I'm not really digging it here. Maybe it's the horrific weather. Maybe we're just homesick. But this place totally has us in a funk. So much so, that we decided a fun thing to do would be to sit at a bar and write down all of the things we have grown to hate over the past several months. It may not be a very PC list. Or very polite. But hell, it's honest.

I realize my last entry was also a negative one. Might as well get it all out at once, right? After this, we promise to get back to rainbows and unicorns.

- Listening to people speaking with an accent. (I warned you.)
- Looking at maps.
- Wearing the same clothes every day.
- Guys with guitars.
- Guys with didgeridoos.
- Having a headache.
- Losing my sunglasses.
- Losing my hair ties.
- Losing my headlamp.
- People who don't understand the concept of personal space.
- Having to pay for showers.
- Having to pay for internet.
- The phrase, "What do you want to do?"
- The phrase, "I dont know, what do you want to do?"
- Having to find an outlet to charge our electronic devices daily because the batteries have completely gone to shit.
- Not having a place that is ours to chill out in.
- Losing the car keys.
- Losing the luggage locks.
- Losing our ATM cards.
- Losing the electric converter.
- Finding foreign currency in hidden pockets that we forgot to exchange.
- Trying to crack Wi-Fi codes.
- Having to check out at 10am.
- Worrying that everything is too expensive.
- Everything BEING too expensive.
- Losing the phone charger. And never finding it again.
- Losing the USB internet card.
- The thought of getting a job again.
- This piece of crap computer.
- Waiting for Reece to finish using this piece of crap computer.
- Looking dumpy.
- Getting fat.
- ALWAYS having itchy mosquito and sandfly bites on my feet.
- Making small talk.
- Overpriced adventure activities.
- Overpriced gas.
- Overpriced beer.
- Meeting people everyday that we'll never see again.
- 'Looking it up' in the Lonely Planet.
- People in hostels who arrived a day before you and act like they own the place.
- Brushing my teeth without a sink.
- Spending $4 a day on a new bag of ice for the cooler.
- Knowing that all of these things are coming to an end soon.

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