Sunday, December 12, 2010

OGO Spills

You have probably heard of Zorbing. Riding down a massive hill inside a giant bouncy hamster ball of sorts, preferably filled with water. An activity born and bread in Rotorua that we knew we absolutely had to experience, despite the inflated price for five minutes of fun. Our guideline when opening our wallets these days is whether we're paying for something we couldn't just as easily do at home. So this one was a no brainer.

Turns out, today's our lucky day. The fellow who invented zorbing, and was later apparently screwed over by his business parter, just started a new gig called OGO. The ball is exactly the same. The track is much longer. The price is much lower. And today is opening day. Sold.

We arrived only to find that TOMORROW is actually opening day. Today is free friends and family day. Unfortunately, we'd paid in advance. Fortunately, the guys were super cool and invited us to stick around for some fun, throwing in an extra ride on their latest and greatest gadget for our troubles. The 'fishpipe' is that very same water filled hamster ball, suspended on a spinning axis, creating what is essentially the longest, craziest water slide in the world. Serious good times.

My favorite was the traditional wet run down the 250 meter track - "H2OGO". We had the option of riding solo or together - clearly together would be the more enteraining choice. I wasn't sure if this whole zorbing thing would live up to the hype, but holy crapsicle it did. I honestly don't think I have ever laughed so hard in my entire life. Sheer splish-splashing, heart-pumping, limbs-flying hilarity. Highly recommended!

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