Tuesday, December 21, 2010

A friend's facebook status today announced that he spent the day at Angkor Wat. And I was totally jealous. Wait a minute. I'm in New Zealand. I am on a one-year trip around the world that isn't (quite) over yet. I don't have any reason to be jealous. Or do I?

We've begun to realize recently the things we value most about traveling. The types of people and places that we love. The environments and adventures that make us want to travel forever. And it turns out, they aren't necessarily the things you find in New Zealand. It's great here, don't get me wrong. The natural beauty is absolutely astounding and we've had an amazing time. But the real magic stirs up in places much less like home. Strange foods and unfamiliar cultures and history oozing out of every street corner. Places where the best experiences come from exploring town with a few bucks in your pocket, rather than paying a few hundred bucks for the latest adventure activity that's been created with you in mind. Of course, those activities are fun too. Maybe I'm just seeking more of an emotional impact than a physical one.

Anyhow. Cambodia has always been high on my list. I can't wait to get there, and to the rest of Southeast Asia. I am super excited to make it to Syria and Jordan and Lebanon. To travel to Isreal. To visit Morrocco. Columbia. And the Amazon. Northern India and Nepal and Sri Lanka. See, that's the funny thing about traveling. You never manage to check anything off your list. Rather, every trip you make results in new additions. Iceland! The Azores! SO many places I want to go. We haven't even made it home yet, and I've already got that itch under my feet and faraway look in my eyes.

'Till 2012. A year of work in between trips should be good, right?? Start the countdown!

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