Friday, December 3, 2010

Thirty Days!

Wowie.  We have been living in a van for 30 days!  It's just like that TV show.  "Hey Morgan, I GOT this!"

I was nervous when we rented our van that it was a big commmitment.  Would I really be able to handle two months of living sorta like a homeless person?  So far, the answer is a resounding yes.  We love it!!  Those hippies on the boardwalk in Venice know what it's all about.  Living in a van is the shit.

Do we miss regular showers and nearby toilets and getting dressed while standing?  Occasionaly.  But you'd be amazed how resourceful one can be.  And how few hostels notice if you just walk in and use their facilities.  We really are living like homeless people.  Ha.

We totally dig our little home on wheels, so much so that we want to build one of our own when we get back to the states.  Could you imagine cruisin all over California in one of these bad boys?  It's a fantastic way to travel.

So if you know anybody who has a van to get rid of, hey, give us a hollar.  We promise not to sneak in at night and crap in their toilet.

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