Thursday, December 9, 2010

Lake Taupo

All of those people look pretty cosy in that lake, don't they? Almost as if it's not the freezing cold icicle of a pond that most bodies of water are in New Zealand.

That's because there are some scalding hot springs feeding into this lake, via a few steaming waterfalls and through a series of small pools. The first few pools are like a jacuzzi on steroids, turning your skin a deep shade of red when you sit in them. The ones further down are like warm, pleasant baths. And, my personal favorite - the area where the hot water rushes into the frigid lake, creating a swirl of contasting temperatures around you.

Hours of fun can be had here jumping from one pool to the next. And after a soothing day of soaking in natural hot spas, a stunning waterfall, a perfect swimming spot, and a sizzling grill awaits!

For more photos from our fun in the sun in Lake Taupo, click HERE.

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