Monday, June 21, 2010

#45 - #48

It's that time again! Another installment of 'Accommodations', so I may then move on to more exciting entries.

Kendwa Rocks
Zanzibar, Tanzania
49,000 Shillings (approx $34)/night

We've raved about this place enough, so I'll just post a few more pics for ya.

Dar Es Salam, Tanzania
27,000 Shillings (approx $18)/night

Both the cheapest AND largest room we have stayed in this entire trip. Imagine that. And a lovely view of Dar from our window.

Kinderoko Hotel
Moshi, Tanzania
27,000 Shillings (approx $19)/night

Forgot to photograph this place, which is a bummer cause it was actually pretty nice. Included breakfast every morning on the terrace overlooking Mt. Kilimanjaro. The view would have made for some incredible pics, if it wasn't so cloudy all the time.

Ujaama Hostel
Arusha, Tanzania
44,000 Shillings (approx $30)/night

This was the kind of place I could really have seen us staying a long time if we didn't have plans moving forward. It's a small house run by an Australian girl and her Tanzanian husband, set up mainly as a home for volunteers. The people were really nice, meals and laundry are included in the price, and the livingroom is fully stocked with TV shows and movies. It felt alot like a college buddy's apartment, and was a comfy place to spend a few nights after our safari. And also where we said a tearful goodbye to our safari best friends.

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