Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Dear Air Travel,

I am truly sorry that I have taken you for granted all these years. Many times, I shamefully admit, I've even dreaded you. I knew not how good I had it. Nor was I aware that the occassional empty middle seat between Reece and I was such a glory to behold. Thank you for the drinks and the snacks, the legroom and the armrests, the personal AC vent and the lack of chickens. The list of things I have learned to appreciate goes on and on. I promise to never think poorly of you again.

1 comment:

  1. Where you headed now?

    Oh, and FYI: Wendy and I just got back from a week in Armenia. It was an amazing trip and the country is straight-up BEAUTIFUL. The people are incredible there, and many of the younger generation speak English. If you ever head toward the middle east in your travels; might I recommend a quick jaunt to Armenia?

    If you DO go, you definitely need a "The-hills-are-alive" Sound of Music-style picture running over the rolling green & snow-capped mountains.