Friday, June 4, 2010

Kendwa rocks!

You know those fancy resorts with their own private plot of beach out front? We all know the ones - comfy lounge chairs, shady cabanas and an oceanfront bar. None of which you are ever allowed to use, cause you aren't staying there.

Enter Kendwa Rocks Beach Resort. On the northern coast of Zanzibar, where there is not a ton of accommodation choices, Kendwa Rocks has kindly decided to build options for all budgets. From the $35/night backpacker hut to the $350/night beachfront cottage, they've got you covered. Which basically means that that rich couple down the way is funding all of the posh amenities that I am enthusiastically enjoying. Genious!!

For perhaps the first time on this trip, we feel like we are on a bona fide (and much needed) VACATION. Travel shmavel. We are drinking fruity drinks, eating candlit meals served on fancy plates, and sunbathing on beds shaped like boats.

1 comment:

  1. um, can you take a closer pic of that boat bed?? i need one in my house!