Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Half Time!

Yesterday marked exactly six months on the road. One half of one year. In a new place every two to fourteen days. Living in hostels and out of backpacks.

Approximately half of the trip is now behind us. Over. History. How did that happen already??

And about half of the trip is still ahead of us. A highly anticipated mystery.

While time has absolutely flown, our very first stop still feels like a lifetime ago. It's crazy to think that by the time we are thinking about coming home, our experience in Kenya will feel just as old.

Ten countries down. Approximately 19,000 miles traveled (according to my facebook travelmap). Planes, trains, matatus, ferries, buses, dalla dallas, 4WD vehicles, funiculars, dhows and pick-up trucks. English, Spanish, Portuguese and Swahili. New friends, countless memories, bouts of homesickness and never-wanna-go-home sickness.

To those of you who have kept up with our blogs along the way, thanks so much for sharing the experience with us. Here's to another six amazing months.

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  1. wow, so fast!! can't wait for the next 6!