Saturday, February 6, 2010

Accommodations #12

Without further ado, it's time to share our sweet ass accommodations in Rio. The booking of which, made months ago, was the cause of our rush to arrive. The price of which, well, let's just say I reserved this long before I had any concept of what our budget would really be.

But getting to unpack our musty backpacks, not sharing space with other sandy, sweaty travelers, cooking and cleaning (yes, we're even excited about cleaning!), and having a peaceful, immaculate, air-conditioned space to retreat to... all make it well worth every penny. And with the OUTRAGEOUS prices during Carnival, we really aren't spending any more than we would in a hostel.

If you ever need a place to stay in Rio, I highy suggest getting in touch with these folks. We are in Copacabana, a half block from the beach. Our building is secured by a 24 hour doorman. Within one block we can walk to grocery stores and ATMs and just about anything else you could need.

We love this little place.

This is our view. Artfully shot to crop out the buildings on either side, of course ;)

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