Friday, February 26, 2010

This is what most street corners look like in Pucon.

See that snow capped peak in the distance? That’s a volcano. An active volcano.

If you look very closely, you can see sulfuric smoke billowing out of it. Smoke! Billowing out of a VOLCANO!!

Tomorrow, we are going to strap on our snow shoes and ice axes, climb to the tippy top, and peer over the edge at the boiling hot MAGMA inside!

(*Written pre country-wide natural disaster. Glad we never got a closer look at that magma!)


  1. *Yeah, me too! Otherwise you'd be Crispy Chips right about now!

    I hope y'all are safe. I've been curious about your time there... where you are in relation to the major disaster areas. Have you been able to travel? Have you just hunkered down to wait it out (and get over your stomach flu in the process)? Have you been able to offer assistance to people in need?

    What a crazy time to be in a place like that! I'm excited and interested to hear all about it (even if the actual story is far less interesting... still wanna know, Yep!)

  2. We were about 300 or so miles away from the epicenter. All travel in that direction is pretty much cut off. Once we got power back, busses did start running south again, so we are now in Puerto Varas working our way towards Patagonia. As I'm sure you'll see, I just posted a new entry all about it! :)