Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Accommodations #14

Hostal NuevaMente
Valparaiso, Chile
14,000 Chilean Pesos (approx $26)/night

Upon our arrival to this place, our outlook was not so good. We were warned it was a 20 minute walk from the center of town. Being one of the only two options we could find in our budget, we went for it. What it was in reality, was a 40 minute walk away from the nice part of town and into the hood. It's a blessing we arrived early in the morning, cause this wasn't the type of street you want to walk down carrying all of your belongings after dark.

Inside however, the place was great. It appears to be an old house that's been converted to a hostel, hardwood floors and cute rooms with window balconies. The owner was nice as could be and super helpful, the kind of guy you can tell loves his job. The bathrooms/showers and "breakfast" left a little to be desired, but we could not have been made to feel more at home. And for the price, we could afford to take cabs home every evening.

The first night, a private double was not available, so we got five beds to ourself instead. We made sure to sleep on all of them.

Reece soakin up some sunshine.

Our matrimonial room.

I would have taken photos of the outside too, but this wasn't the type of neighborhood you go whipping out a $750 camera in.

But the view from above is lovely.

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