Thursday, February 25, 2010

There is an overwhelmingly amazing amount of things to do in Pucón. White water rafting, volcano climbing, wind surfing, horseback riding, waterfall repelling, paintballing, mountain biking, ziplining, spelunking, skydiving, hot spring-ing... you name it. Unfortunately, I've fallen victim to a hell of a stomach bug, so can only participate in activities that take place within walking distance of a toilet.

Luckily, Pucón also boasts a cool, crytal clear lake with a black sand beach. So much of our time here has looked like this:

REALLY hoping to feel well enough to strap on our adventure sandals soon. Until then, well, there could be worse ways to spend our days.


  1. I hope that you guys are safe, being so close to the earthquake! Praying for you both!

  2. that picture is absolutely incredible- so sorry you were sick, but i think id take the bug to have that view ;)