Sunday, February 7, 2010


Thanks to our melodious 23 hour bus ride, Reece and I have had this tender tune stuck in our heads for a week. Big time.

Catchy, isn't it?

Can someone please explain the video to me? Cause I am totally creeped out by it.


  1. That song is grating and you're right. The video is CREEPY. I think he killed her and then she came back to life and forgave him. Something sick like that. Isn't that why they make I pods, so you can listen to what you like and not listen to stuff you DON'T?!!?

    P.S. Still love reading the blog, still hate trying to post anything because despite my creating a special profile just so I coulds post, the damn thing WILL NOT let me. Even though it says I am logged on. Grrrr!!!

  2. That is an interesting interpretation indeed.

    See, we thought that the woman was about to undergo plastic surgery, when he kidnapped her and took her onto his boat. Then he bandaged her up to trick her into thinking she had completed it, and then he revealed to her that she has always been beautiful just the way she was.

    What the cop drama beginning has to do with any of this, I have no idea. More importantly, why is this creep putting lipstick on an unconscious woman?

  3. hahahhaa. and i agree with making a profile and trying to post comments. muito difícil! i put that in portuguese to honor your location :)

  4. Man, I wish I knew how to make it easier for folks. But I am completely technologically challenged. It's so worth it though, I LOVE getting comments!! Love the Portuguese too Ali ;)

  5. Ok, screw that make a profile, post a comment the google way. All my comments will just have to say anonyomous, and you can sort out one anonymous from another anomymous. LOL.

    I'm no translator, but me and mom asked the GPS to listen to it and here's the grandma feed back. She thinks the surgery story is the actual story, but there's something really creepy in there about, gasp.....the chick's vagina! As in the dude saying what's between her legs is still the same as it was 40 years ago, so, it's all good... I kid you not!!

  6. He's saying that women shouldn't be so scared of age because we all get better with it! It's a really really romantic song, and he's one of the top 3 guys I would marry in a heartbeat(after Bardem and del Toro). If you don't like this one, you'd probably hate the one where he sings about how women get their periods each month.
    I guess he's an acquired taste.

  7. Laurenne, Reece says you are trying to "up" me with you appreciation of Ricardo. Travel whore!