Monday, March 8, 2010

Accommodations #17

La Justina Hostel
Bariloche, Argentina
100 Argentinian Pesos (approx $26)/night

The reviews of this place warned us. The bathrooms would be dirty. The commom areas could be noisy. It was a five block hike up-hill from the center of town.

We booked it anyway, cause it was one of the few places in pricey Bariloche that had any respect for our budget. The pictures looked cute, so I decided to ignore the naysayers and go with my gut.

I could not have been more pleased. Either they've hired a new cleaning staff recently, or the previous guests are whiners. The house was a pleasant enough ten minute walk from the main road. It was cute and intimate and our room had everything we could ask for. The shared bathroom was right next to our door, and certainly met my cleanliness expectations after 2+ months of traveling. The free breakfast included tasty homemade cakes and jam. And they have a friendly dog, who absolutely refused to look at me for any photos.

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