Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Proud to be an American

We've grown pretty accustomed to wishing we carried any passports other than ours. So far, the only good they have done is to cost us over a thousand dollars worth of "reciprocity fees" to enter nearly every country we've visited. Thanks U.S. Government for making it so expensive for foreigners to visit us. The few of us who actually travel outside of America appreciate it.

Anyhow, during our visit to the American Embassy, old glory finally hooked us up. We felt like real VIPs surpassing the (literally) hundreds of people lined up around the building. Expecting to have to hand over my passport for a few days, we were shocked when they told us to have a seat while they took care of it. An hour later, we walked out with fresh new passport pages in hand, free of charge. The DMV could really learn something here.

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